Saturday, August 16, 2014

Breathing New Life - Hrēðel's Sword

The last time I posted on this blog I was a scruffy young hooligan, trying to learn how to be a self employed artist, fresh from of dropping out college to work on a film, and make the crafting of custom swords my full time job.
I had also just met the most stunningly beautiful, kind, and intelligent woman on the planet, and was out of my mind for her...

I'm still young, pretty scruffy, probobly still a hooligan, and I'm definitely still learning how to do my art well for the benefit and joy of others.

I also married that beautiful woman.
And couldn't be more happy and blessed that I did...

I blame the joyful craziness of life from keeping me away from blogging about it, and also blame my pursuit of that lovely woman too.
But I'm thankful to be breathing new life back into it and can't wait to share the work I've been blessed to be working on with whoever cares to follow it.
Sanctus Symbology #11 - A series of digital folk-art pieces I've been creating.


Hrēðel's Sword

I've been working on a simple but hopefully noble sword. Meant to be the kingly life-long weapon of Hrethel, the Geatish Kind and foster-father of Beowulf.

I'm trying to walk a strange balance between historically plausible, and tastefully modern with respect to its cultural and mythological roots, both on this sword and many other recent pieces of mine.


My aim with this piece is to to be respectful to the historical context, but not at all restrained by it. And ultimately I want to be more inspired by the spirit of the Beowulf poem itself that people know and love. Hopefully it will capture some of its spirit visually and tangibly in steel iron and antler.

More to come...