Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Michigan Winds and Mercy-Bound Brotherhood.

Rewinding the clock to revisit an incredible trip I took with friends earlier this year.
Back in the early months of summer a band of blood-bought bladesmithing brothers that I'm apart of descended on the home and workshop of my close friend Nate Runals, in beautiful rural Michigan near Grand Rapids.

Nate and his wife Rosie's home is both a safe haven and a sanctuary in every sense of the words...

Light fills every corner of their beautiful old farm house, Nate's coal forge hums and glows as its bellows blow grey smoke flying. And us raucous and filthy men fill the fields with shouts and hysterical laughing, as we hurl stones, spears, and arrows into the sky and at one another.

Here is a glimpse at the chaos and inspiration that ensued amongst us...

Along with Nate's home and shop, we visited the workshop of Rusty Zylstra, owner and operator of Mercy Supply in Grand Rapids.

Rusty hand crafts gorgeous top-quality leather and canvas clothing and accessories. Everything he makes is done by hand, and intentionally crafted to durably stand up day-to-day for hard working individuals.

Rusty (left) showing his workspace with blacksmith Nathanael Brandt and his wife Melyn:

Rusty at work crafting a leather rock-sling weapon on the spot:

You can checkout Rusty and his wife Kate's blog at:

Morel mushroom hunting:

A gorgeous knife forged by Nate.
Checkout his currently available pieces over on his Etsy page at: 

All of us young, inspired, energized, and constantly learning men with too much Midwest soil, sap, and good Coffee in our veins manage ceaselessly encourage and challenge one another. Building each other up in brotherly boldness, and constantly holding one another to higher standard of goals and aspirations then the world seems to care for.
All trying to find our strength not in ourselves, but in admitting our weaknesses, and relying on true mercy and grace, where true strength and boldness is found.


I dont know where the summer has gone? its already September and I'm currently in the midst of a multitude of projects that I cannot wait to finish and share. Many of which are in collaboration with my brothers shown above!

- David