Sunday, October 18, 2015

Awe: Why It Matters for Everything We Think, Say, and Do

Awe is something undeniably crucial to what makes us human. It's at the core of what moves us towards beauty, especially in art and in creation.

Awe seems to be an enigma and a problem for some worldviews that believe we exist merely due to blind meaningless random "chance". Such worldviews absolutely fail to account for the weight, beauty, and majesty that we all feel in our hearts and minds in the midst of what we call "awe".
That's why I believe its so important to challenge our assumptions, especially on the topics of awe in the human heart and our approach to beauty.

Awe is a response to external beautiful truths and experiences, not a created thing out of the void of our hearts and minds.
I resonate with John Piper's words when he says:
"Do people go to the Grand Canyon to increase their self-esteem? Probably not. This is, at least, a hint that the deepest joys in life come not from savoring the self, but from seeing splendor. And in the end even the Grand Canyon will not do. We were made to enjoy God. "

I'm thrilled to hear and read author Paul Tripp's writings on these topics, as he approaches them with humility, honesty, and a sharp eye to challenge our self-focused assumptions.

Paul has been an author who has greatly encouraged me in my path as an artist.
And so for anyone who is at all fascinated about the topic of awe, beauty, and truth, no matter the worldview or background you come from: I encourage you to dig into Paul's new book: Awe: Why It Matters for Everything We Think, Say, and Do

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